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Bang Bang Goes d’Ecco

Ooops! I was suppose to put this up yesterday, but I got drunk instead and spent the night in the Whitechapel Chatroom talking about novels by different writers and whether it’s feasible to be a book dealer on the streets of Nashua, NH like in NYC, all this came from a documentary I was watching, that was really great, called Book Wars from like 2000. I love watching things like that or reading things like that and they just inspire me to go out and try that stuff out. I wanted to be a P.I. for a little while recently from watching Bored to Death I think. I was going to put up a Craigslist AD and everything. I think I tried to but it didn’t go through and I ended up forgetting about it.

Annnnyways, I’ve been reading some Art d’Ecco yesterday while I was taking my bath, it’s a really great comic about… well I don’t know. Censorship I think was what the first story was about. I didn’t read past that since I was reading it surrounded by water and I was trying to get clean. But the artwork and writing is really interesting. Put out by Fantagraphics, I use to read these guys a little in Cheval Noir I think and I have a book with them in it called Zoot!, so getting a big magazine size book of them is pretty cool. I also didn’t realize it until looking for pictures of this magazine, but the artist, Roger Langridge, does some really great comics, one is called Snarked that I got issue O of last FCBD I think and it’s really good.

So anyways, you’ve got two characters, Art d’Ecco who is this kind of, wise cracking hustler type guy who is rectangular in shape, and his roommate Gump, who has a triangular body and doesn’t know anything. Oh and then there is the obtuse, polar opposite of Art d’Ecco I guess, his name is Art Nouveau. They’re smart and funny stories about these characters, kind of wacky sitcoms I guess. There is this great scene, as you can see in the picture I had to scan, of a homage to Krazy Kat. Really cool.

2 comments on “Bang Bang Goes d’Ecco

  1. whimsyink
    May 22, 2012

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog 😀

    • ferburton
      May 22, 2012

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

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