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Hitching Through the Metal, Brother!

Here is the new page of my hitch hiking adventure. I wish the page had come out better, it looked decent before I ink washed it anyways, but I have these crappy dollar store brushes I’m using and no pallet to put the ink on so I’ve just been using a plate. I need to hit up the art supply store this weekend and load up on some supplies for sure.

This comix was pretty much our second day on the road and things were picking up a bit, I left off about mid-way through the day because the next page is just craziness with these two that we got a ride from, Rick and Nicky. They were quiet an odd bunch.

I read the whole second volume of Black Metal on my toilet this weekend and it was great. I felt so bad that it ended on that cliff hanger, but I atleast know there will be a third volume now, which they say will be the last.

Chuck BB has this style in his art that is really different, very suited for this kind of metal comix. It’s cartoony, but dark and gothic, though not in a Vazquez sort of weird alien way. It’s got this Cartoonier then Metalocalypse sort of look to it that I admire and Rick Spears is great with the writing. He has those kids sounding like Shakespear as they go about slaughtering demons. It’s great fun.

I also started reading this really awesome comix today while taking my shit, it’s called Brotherman, I think I saw Brandon Graham mention it on his blog before, but I didn’t get a chance to check it out until now. It was a book I bought for FCBD that’s been sitting on my water tank since then. I thought the cover looked great and it was only $0.50 so why now grab it and take a look. The writing inside is really great and the art is stunning. It’s not a refined art style, it’s so free flowing, like a good hip-hop song. There is this beat going on throughout the book that is captivating to me. Check out this video of America’s Most Wanted they were featured in 1991.

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