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Daytona Beach Welcomes Antz

Well this took me longer then it should have. I finished this an hour ago but I was having photoshop issues and then my scanner was scanning it all weird. You will notice however the improvement in the ink wash, I finally got my good brushes and I’m very happy with how this came out. Such an improvement.

This comix was about the our last ride of day two and we went to bike week in Daytona Beach with our ride. It should have been a great time, but me and Ant ended up turning into babysitters. I go over this in the comix.

I’ve been reading these great Michael DeForge Ant comix in my free time. They’re so weird, sometimes fun, very imaginative. These ants have ant problems, and for some reason don’t look like ants. It’s just weird and wonderful and I’ve been enjoying the beautiful art. I recommend giving it a read for free online.

I also got a chance to read most of the Yo Gabba Gabba FCBD book that has a comix in it from both Mike Allred and Evan Dorkin. I’ve become interested in Dorking after listening to an Inkstuds podcast that he was in, and who doesn’t love Mad Man? Just great artists, though Dorkin is a writer in this book and Allred is just an artist.

They’re interesting stories because they focus on children, and these two are usually a bit more

adult, though Allred I could see fitting in here, Dorkin’s Milk and Cheese is fairly adult if not the characters looking cartoony. It was interesting seeing how they treated children’s comix.


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