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The Download

A collection of comix that explore all sorts of genres. There are comix I made while in middle school. There are comix about Steampunk, Aliens with vagina mouths, Giant robots fighting unibrow cyclopes.
Download the comix Electric Transit
The second volume of my yearly comix series, Electric Transit. This one has even more original content then the last. It’s chock full of so many different kinds of stories, with the help of such great writers as Will Ellwood and Robin LeBlanc. You may have seen some of these comix posted on the web originally and now you can download them all in a nice tight package.
Download the comix Electric Transit Vol. 2
Another collection of comix. There is a Mars mountain climbing story written by my good friend Will Ellwood. and comix that were drawn to run in the back of my mini-series Bang Bang Goes Hunter.
Download the comix Turtle Waxxx

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Born from Godzilla movies, comix, porn, and jelly beans. Ferburton lurks in dark rooms, picking his nose, while doodling his silliness.

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