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The S.P.A.C.E. Race!


I’m really a character from The Furry Freak Brothers! Here is me tabling at S.P.A.C.E. this year. This was a much better experience then the first time I tabled at a convention. I made lots of new comic book friends. I traded lots of comics and sold a few as well! It was two days of straight up comics! Had conversations about Prophet, talked about fonts, talked about Frank Santoro and lots more.

After the first day at the con me and my table neighbors, who were awesome enough to give me a ride, went to Kafe Kerouac for comic readings and Karaoke! I made myself some screw drivers and listened to other people’s conversations while everyone around me started to unravel and sing songs with great abandon.


On the final day after the con I went to the Billy Ireland Museum where I got to see tons of great original artwork from Windsor McCoy, Bill Watterson, and many more! It was one of the best experiences!


A new exciting thing that I’m going to be doing now is a 1 year subscription to get my new books! I’ve posted this option up in my store, as well as the first comic for sale in the subscription for only $3! So visit my store and get your copies of your favorite stories! Subscribe!

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Born from Godzilla movies, comix, porn, and jelly beans. Ferburton lurks in dark rooms, picking his nose, while doodling his silliness.

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