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Well here are 3 new pages of one of the comix I’m working on. I’m going to be focusing on this one since I plan to have it ready and in print in time for SPACE.

I’m going to have a table at SPACE this year. It’ll be my first time at a convention in like 5 years and the last convention I was at was nothing like this one. I’m extremely nervous and have so much I need to get done before the expo.

My plans for SPACE:

  • First issue of Bang Bang Goes Hunter printed
  • First issue of Page Turner printed with my new Riso Gocco printer
  • Have copies of Electric Transit Vol. 2
  • Have copies of Turtle Waxxx
  • Stickers to give away
  • POGs for sale

So if you plan on being at SPACE in Columbus, OH this year then stop by my table! I’ll announce where that is as soon as I find out!

I’ve also been reading a bit of comix lately. I had the opportunity at the closing of Picture Box when they had a 50% off sale and I jumped on getting Gary Panter’s Cola Madness and Brandon Graham’s Walrus book.

tumblr_md79v3Ouzl1rionq1o1_500I loved Panter’s book. It was a lot different then what I was expecting from his work and to someone who didn’t know better, looking at the book and reading it you’d think it was amateur stuff until you put together that it’s all deliberately that way and that it’s much deeper then what you might think.

Panter is best known for his work on the set of Pee Wee’s Playhouse. His comic work is just as inventive and I can see why people like Matt Groening would be inspired by his work. His work in this comic is pretty satirical. You have the McJack-in-the-Taco as the name of the restaurant that the story mostly takes place in. Then you have the crazy psychopaths that seem to live in this futurist world.

The story starts with a native man in an industrial area who is fishing in a suit. The native goes and parties with his tribe and then seems to dream up Jimbo and the story that unfolds which is basically about a crazy tree person going on a rampage and making Garcia, Jimbo’s guardian’s, life a headache.

900This particular comic was originally made in 83 according to the stamps you find littered along the pages. The back matter of the book says it was mostly lost as it was made originally to be published in Japan with no publishers picking up it was just set aside somewhere to be found later and printed. I’d definitely recommend getting this book if you’ve never read a Gary Panter book before. But be warned as you can see from these pics, the art might not be for everyone.

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