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Sunday Funnies 001: DXM


Here is the first new comix among many that will follow soon. I’m going to be posting new comix every Sunday from my stack I’ve been collect for the last few years that I haven’t put up or published anywhere, including new Bang Bang Goes Hunter. Here is a comix based off my experience of doing DXM… sort of. It’s hard to capture that experience since it comes in waves for me and it’s not a straight narrative. But this is something similar I feel.

images (10)I normally post about what comix I’ve been reading, but I live in a sort of comix hole right now so that comix I do get my hands on are few and between. I have been reading some Ditko work lately though.

I was able to pick up a copy of one of his more recent releases that is a collection of his lesser known comic in what is called The Missing Man. It’s a pretty odd comix that he did in the 80’s. It’s funny because I have the Strange World of Steve Ditko book that says during that time that Ditko had sort of gotten lazy with his pencils for his more mainstream comix and the inkers seemed to be doing most of the work. I think it was more that Ditko just really didn’t have any passion for the material he was doing at that time because the Missing Man is really well drawn and the stories are pretty interesting. Ditko’s writing is definitely in a time capsule sort of because the dialogue is dated, but the characters and the stories are odd and fresh to me. They are less Black and White like Mr. A and more I think easing into the gray a bit.

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