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Hitch Hiking with Those Annoying Post Bros.


Here is the new page of my hitch hiking adventure! It’s pack full of trains!

There are going to be only another two pages of my hitch hiking adventure. I decided to end the trip at Connecticut because there is a week there where not a whole lot goes on and then I’m in NH. I might come back to this, not sure, but I think that’ll be a good place to end things. I might just do one more as an afterword or something. Not sure. I’m also kind of tired of drawing this stuff and ready to focus more on BBGH which I need to work on getting the first issue printed for you guys, so after these last two pages I’m going to be on a bit of a break while I focus on that.

I read this week the last printed issue of Those Annoying Post Bros. This has been a series I’ve loved for the last 3 years ever since I found out about Matt Howarth from Brandon Graham. The stories have been great, though you can see a bit of a decline in the amount of detail Howarth goes into as the series goes into the later issues, the stories are top notch but I think he’d gotten to a point where he was doing so many different things at once that the art was starting to suffer a little.

This was all prior to Howarth moving towards working exclusively with computers which I find aren’t nearly as good and the computer work is just distracting. The colors are wonky and off, the art suffers because he ends up relying so heavily on the computer, and it all just feels like a failed attempt at improving his work and experimenting with a new device. I love Howarth still and Those Annoying Post Bros are constantly a good source of material to look back at and aspire towards.

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