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Bang Bang Issue 1

Well there are the last two pages of issue 1 of Bang Bang Goes Hunter. This comix I started drawing in 2009 and it was just something I dove right into after I finished my first long formish comix that I’d done in a long that that wasn’t just like 2 pages. This comix was based entirely on a comix I threw into another comix I did for a Gingerbox forum anthology that never happened. I realized that half-way through the second page I had no ending for that comix and I just threw this random character Hunter in and I lead this comix in right from there. I just randomly did the first page and just kept going. It was really like Comix Jazz when I started this and I think I had this first issue done in like a matter of a month or two. I was super excited and now I’ve got 3 issues done and this bad boy is going into print this summer. I might have it ready in a couple of weeks. I have to redo some stuff, mostly the screen tones so if you do get the book you’ll notice that those are a bit different.

I haven’t read much in the way of comix as of late that isn’t Love and Rockets. I’m still slowly going through that graphic novel I bought of it and it’s just pure love I’m having and enjoying and I forget about any other comix I own but I decide to finish reading the 8th issue of Louie Riel by Chester Brown that I started reading on FCBD.


Now I don’t own any issues besides the issues I bought at this con for this comix, thankfully they have an overview type thing at the beginning of the comix. This is a comix about a war in Canada that I’d never heard of and know nothing about. I don’t even know who Louis Riel is. So I think I might have to read more and do more research on this because it’s really well done in Chester Brown’s sort of way and from my understanding it’s gotten a lot of praise and sold fairly well.

Anways, here are some pictures of a car plane! I love this stuff!

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