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Well guys, if you actually read the rest of my posts rather then just reading the interviews you’d have known that this week I wasn’t going to put up a comic about my road trip this week. I did this comic because… well I just felt like it really. I wanted to do something different. I don’t usually ever do overly violent comix but I do like reading them and I like watching movies like The Toxic Avenger and Tokyo Gore Police. I like really gorey movies and that sort of thing so I just wanted to dabble in it a little. I did this in full color just because I’ve noticed my front page looks like a newspaper. There is literally no color on it. So I just felt I needed to add a bit of color.

This is actually based on reality but also not. I didn’t murder my neighbors, but I have come across this situation in real life and for some reason this came to mind.

Again, I haven’t really been reading anything new. I’m still reading Love and Rockets. I just finished Kiara yesterday, the manga I went over Saturday. So I’ll go over some comics I’ve been reading online.

If you guys haven’t heard of this comix, it’s called Sacred Heart by Liz Suburbia. It’s kind of punk story about this girl and the small town she lives in where people are dying mysteriously. They go into the girl’s angst with relationships, sex, etc. The usual kind of things you’d expect out of this kind of story, with this strange sort of mystery wrapped up in it. It’s really written in an interesting way, kind of like Love and Rockets except a bit more aggressive. I’d recommend reading it if you haven’t had the chance yet.

Another comic I’ve been reading, though a bit more irregularly, is Wizzywag. It is kind of based on several actual real life people but is a made up character. The story plays almost like a auto-bio story that follows a hacker through their life as a young man, and occasionally it’d show a page where people would be talking about their opinion of the man that the boy in the beginning will grow into. It’s a really interesting story, it goes into the sort of things the hacker was into as a child, how he evolved into a hacker with early things like forging transfer passes or tricking pay phones into letting them call long distance for free. It’s a really interesting read.

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