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Bang Bang goes FCBD

Here are the new three pages of BBGH, the conclusion of the restaurant robbers. Oh look, boobs! This is an adult comix folks, get use to sexual content and strong language, this should have been apparent from the first page and the scrambled porn.

Anyways, I’ve been reading some very good kids comix lately from my pile of Free Comix Book Day swag. The most recent of which being MEGA MAN and Capstone Comics.

Megaman was a great throwback for me to playing Gameboy and trying to beat those super hard levels, I was also a fan of the cartoon and the Playstation game. Megaman was a part of growing up during the 90’s. The book is also littered with advertisements for Sonic The Hedgehog comics which, Sonic is my favorite SEGA game and I use to love both of the 90’s cartoons growing up. A hedgehog fighting a scientist and eating chili dogs? What’s not to love about a show like that, and the game were just super fun.

Anyways, the comic was about the origins of Megaman, which is pretty standard now, it’s the same origins you see in the 90’s cartoon, if you haven’t seen it, basically Megaman started off as just a simple helper bot, but after the jealous Dr. Wyle, who is jealous because he was doing unethical things and is now getting no credit for what he did with Dr. Light, so now he’s taken the bots he’s helped create and is wrecking havoc all over town. Now Megaman has to save the day. Pretty standard stuff. The art is very bright photoshopy, which is ok I guess, it’s an Archie comic.

The Capstone comics remind me a lot of Captain Underpants, a book I grew up with, which was part comic and part childrens story about a teacher who would strip down to his underwear and save the day against things like rogue toilets. It’s pretty funny stuff. These comics were like that. They were children’s comics, but they were as clean looking at Megaman and were more sketchy and were about kids in school and how they develop powers and robot suits to fight against bullies and such. They’re fun to read, and I think great for kids. I know I’d love those growing up.

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