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Bang Bang Goes The Avengers!

Here are this weekends 3 pages of Bang Bang Goes Hunter. It’s sort of a homage to Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction diner scene. I like that movie a lot, I should probably see it again soon. It’s got a lot of levels to it, none of which you’ll find in this comix.

I went and saw the Avengers this week, Thursday actually. I heard it had the biggest opening weekend of all time, good for Marvel! I liked the movie, it was fun, I laughed a bit from it, Whedon seems to have that effect of doing awesome and funny. The movie had this weird back and forth going on, I don’t know if I liked that part of it. The worst part though was Captain America’s costume. It’s just too bright and flamboyant and tacky looking next to a metal suit and a big green dude.

And just look at Scarlett Johanson’s ass. A thing of beauty folks, a thing of beauty. I’ve realized she doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of range emotionally in her characters. They’re always pretty meek and calm and collective I think, almost whispering when they talk. Very sultry I guess. You don’t really see he scream or anything like that.

As for comix I’ve been reading a magazine that Marvel put out through one of their odd attempts at capturing indy flare, Weird. The issue I’ve been reading is about weird rich people who had it all and for some reason just lived bizarre lives that they could afford to live with their odd behaviors. Highlights are Howard Hughes and how he went from rich playboy to possessive, OCD, nut job who would store his own urine in jars and never shaved or cut his finger nails.

I’m about half way through this book and it’s rather enjoyable. I’m getting a kick about reading how these guys lived and how they just threw it all away. It makes you wonder whether or not being that rich just makes you a little mad because there isn’t much else to reach for. I’ve maxed yourself out.

Henry Ford is mentioned as well as a few comix about the publisher Hearst and his hollywood love triangle and assumed murder of a hollywood director, a tale that involves Charlie Chaplin. Really interesting reads.

I also wanted to finish off with this bit of art I found while looking for pictures for the websites I’m working on for work. I just thought this was really great looking and wanted to share.

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