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The Beginning of my trip

Here is the first page of my ongoing Wed. comix about my hitch hiking adventures with my buddy Anthony. Part of the reason this blog has been dead is that the last year I’ve been on the move a lot. Moved from my apt into my mom’s. Had no internet for a few months. Lost my job and ended up going to Phoenix, AZ for a bit before going to NH for 3 months. Had no way to put up any comix online so I was working just couldn’t put anything online. Went back home but still had no way to put anything online.

That’s where the hitch hiking came in. I was still unemployed, kind of just floating about. I really needed a creative boost and to just get some world experience. My buddy felt the same. We were going to go on a road trip with our friend at first, but she wanted to go in June and we couldn’t wait and it was the first weekend in March I believe that we left. This is that story and the rest will be put up every Wed.

I’m sorry about the ink wash. It could have been better but I used some shitty brushes and I hadn’t done any ink washing in I don’t know… a year or longer I think. I’m glad it did it though. It’s my favorite way to work. I got this speedball indian ink to use based off the Inkstuds radio advise I’ve heard from some pro’s on what they ink with. I’m gonna get some better brushes and hopefully it’ll look much better next Wed.

I finally got around to reading Sharknife Double Z. I went to get it from my Local Comic store when it was first released, they didn’t order it though because there was no one I guess who bought the first book. I went ahead and had them order it for me. Two weeks went by and I went to get my book. They did get it but they forgot to put it aside for me and put it up on the shelf and it sold. I couldn’t be that upset about it though because I was happy that it sold this time for them.

So I had them order me another copy with Black Metal which I’ll get to this week and hopefully get you guys something on it next week. Anyways, I finally got it on FCBD with a stack of other comix that were on sale that day, I love my comix store.

Sharknife Double Z was a fast read for me in a weird way. Corey Reyyy Lewis has this hyper style to his work. that just makes you look in awe at everything he has going on in the pages. Unlike the first book which was more just telling a story, this book actually explored the characters more and set up a mythology for this Sharknife world that Reyyy goes into right from the start of the book. It doesn’t look like Corey has any intentions of stopping this character from growing and just going where ever it wants. Lets hope the next book doesn’t take 6 years to come out.

One of the books I got from FCBD’s large stack that I got discounted was books that I wanted to get into but I didn’t want to start off from the middle and I hate investing in graphic novels. So on this sale I was going through the $1 bins and I found issue #2, 3, and 4. I didn’t realize it but it was the relaunched issues after the Hernandez Bros. came back from their solo careers.

Anyways, I’m in love regardless. Picking up these issues was a good starting point, didn’t really need to know the back history because they reference that stuff but in a good way. I love Jaime’s style, very classic and I’m in love with Gilbert’s story telling. So smart and great.

I love Maggie as a character and I want to read the early stories, even if I have to buy the novels, just so I can see the early sci-fi stuff I keep hearing about and see a younger Hopey and Maggie, especially Hopey, she seems like a crazy character. I really can’t wait to get to the comic shop. I haven’t been this excited about a series in a bit.

I’ve also been watching SUPER MANGA BLAST from Darkhorse, another comix I got at FCBD from my stack. It has 3X3 Eyes, Shadow Star, Oh my Goddess, and What’s Michael as the manga inside of the magazine. I’ve never read any of these and I find them to be surprisingly good. None of them really have a very mainstream feel to them, except maybe 3X3 eyes and Shadow Star a little. But What’s Michael and Oh my Goddess have this very indy feel and art style to them. Oh my Goddess has a bit of a mainstream story but the art is pretty funky. What’s Michael is this strange comic about a Vet and that’s all I really know. It’s short and funny and very odd and indy. Shadow Star is also fairly indy in art and story but then also a bit mainstream. It’s just a weird story. They all are and definitely deserve reading.

Well that’s it for tonight, I’m going to update with new BBGH pages this weekend. I went and archived the comix as you can see over at the menu. I’ll keep up the work and getting you guys my comix on a regular basis.

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