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Not what I was hoping for.

Well this wasn’t the comix I wanted to put up. It’s about 6 months old now. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it really, but it was something I wanted to get off my chest. I had a bunch of things floating around to get on paper at that time and this one made it onto paper. There are more I can put up, but I’m saving them for my own comix and Candy or Medicine.

This comix is about the birth of my nephew. I see him every day now and it’s rather surreal. He isn’t my first nephew, but I didn’t get to see my other nephew grow up as much as I’m seeing this one, or maybe I’m just becoming more attached to my family, not sure what it is. I’m not very touchy feely about that stuff usually so it’s interesting to look from the outside at my own emotions with this kid.
Just a moment ago I was taking a shit in my bathroom, and I’ve decided that I’m going to start taking apart this reading pile I’ve started collecting recently, while sitting on the toilet. I’ve now got the stack on my water tank.

One of the titles I picked up was a little manga magazine from the late 90’s called CHIBI-POP, I have issue 1. I read half way through, I’d flipped through it after I bought it, got it for $1 so it was worth the surprise. This is actually a rather decent quality manga. It definitely panders to a lot of the fandom, but it’s actually pretty decent art and writing.

The one story that sticks out though would be The Coast Guard by Denjiro. You can see a definite influence of Masamune Shirow’s work in this manga. He’s about a cyborg girl who is trying to protect the last remaining bits of humanity from cyborgs. The humans have to live underground because of nuclear fallout caused by machines and The Coast Guard is there to protect them, even though she is part machine, she has a side to choose. It’s pretty cool.

I still have one more story to read in this issue, the last one being Artifacts Breaker, which sort of sounds like the new Jeff Smith comix from the title but I doubt they’re anything alike. The other two stories were ok. One is about a ninja from the past who comes through a mirror and takes revenge on a demon, but can only do it when the high school boy who’s date she interrupted tells her he’ll be her boyfriend, classic Rumiko Takahashi type story. The other one is about a little girl at an amusement park getting into trouble when suddenly weird things start to happen when she goes looking for her dad. No idea what it’s about really yet. This magazine was worth the $1.

I also got the new issue of Prophet today. I’m starting to enjoy it a little less now, because the narration is still driving the story, but I’m thinking the next issue things are about to change with the ending. It’s introduced more John Prophets and a mutant looking one that remind me of MODOK a bit. We’ll see where it’s taking us.

Anyways, going to try and get that page up this week, might save it for next week so it’s an overall release. I am going to be releasing 3 pages this weekend of something. Look for that.

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