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It’s been a while since I’ve had any art to put up here. I had little to no internet and I haven’t drawn a whole lot of comix. I’ve been in a weird place. I’ve been focusing mostly on my BBGH comix that I’m on the last issue of. I do have a couple of comix to put up for now and I’ll put up some more in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been reading a lot of different comix though.

Here is a comix I did for a friend. She wanted something about the adventures she was having with her aunt and gave me little to go off of so I just used my imagination.

Here is another comix a friend asked for. She just wanted me to draw her something and so I did. It’s just some random work comix. She’s asked for another one but I have no idea what else I’d do.

I drew a bunch of autobio comix when I was up in New Hampshire. They’re about me and about the people I saw around me. I’m going to be posting some of those in the next couple of weeks.

I got really into this Joe Matt comix called Peepshow. I bought all the issues I could find at my local comic store up in NH. It’s an autobio comix about Joe Matt’s perversions, his anti-social personality and just being a mess with women. It’s a really interesting look into this guy and he doesn’t hold back on his life in these comix at all. He even mentions in his comix that he’ll tell girls not to read his stuff because they won’t ever talk to him again if they did. Brutally honest.

I also got into Platinum Grit who I didn’t realize when I first started reading it does one of my favorite Webcomix OGLAF. It’s a pretty interesting series that you can read online here.


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