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Well the store is open, just go click the shop button or click here for my etsy! I’ve also put up my remaining copies of Turtle Waxxx, which you can read here on the site.

I haven’t been able to work any comix or stuff lately. I’m slightly been homeless this month so things have been a bit hectic, but I’ll have a room again soon with my art supplies at the ready again and I’ll start busting out the comix once more. I’ve started writing a pitch to Kodansha as well with some familiar characters for the M.I.M.C. we’ll see how this goes, if anything I’ll have a new comix to show off to you guys and get printed, either way, comix are getting drawn soon.

I have read some comix, though they’re comix I kind of read a month ago. First we got Felipe Smith’s work. I’ve read both issue 1 of MBQ and Peepo Choo and they’re both amazing. They both explore similar themes, which is americans learning the hard knocks of life, and everything they read, isn’t what they’ll actually see.

MBQ is about a manga artist working his ass off to show what real comix is about, none of the shit you don’t get in real life. It’s not manga for pussies with faggy buff heros running around for the good and righteous, no this is the down and dirty real life art. Where you sleep on a guy’s couch and draw all night, sleeping all day. Working jobs to put some change in your pocket. This is MBQ. No fries with that.

Now Peepo Choo is a manga about a kid otaku who is in love with this one anime, unfortunately for this kid he lives in the ghetto and not Japan, where he feels his life would be more complete. Things turn his way though when he wins a trip to Japan at his local comic shop where he goes to watch his anime. But Japan isn’t what he thought it was.
These comix Felipe is doing are like parallels to his own life, you can feel his experiences in these, part gang movies, part over the top slice of life. These comics are unlike any I’ve read before. They’re raw, they’re real, they’re OG. I can’t wait to see what Felipe releases next, by the way, have I mentioned he is probably the most successful american cartoonist to go to Japan? Paul Pope aint got nothing on Smith.

I’ll close this out with something different that you guys haven’t see before.


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