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My brain. MY BRAIN!

Hello hello. This is currently what my desk looks like. I never, or rarely ever draw at it. I only sit at it when I’m painting just because it’s too messy to do it anywhere else. I’ve had some horrible experiences with spilling ink while doing inkwashes. ruined comix that way.

So here is something I did for a friend. He kind of gave me this homework assignment a couple of weeks ago to draw a scene from a game he was doing, kind of like a story board. This is what I came up with.

Now on to the comix I’ve been reading. I mentioned I’d been reading Cerebus. This was a series I’d been looking into reading for a while actually but I had no idea where to find issues of it from. I found one issue once at a comix store I had thought but the title was misleading as I’d found out recently Dave Sim had released Cerebus Archives of comix he’d done before Cerebus or something. Anyways, stupid.

Cerebus the story itself is actually really good, surprisingly. I’d heard some stuff about Dave Sim being a misogynist and so I thought the stories would be really sexist, but it wasn’t. It was pretty good. I had only read one issue prior to my reading of Church and State and Cerebus was in a Cave fighting with a ball of light or something. These stories were more political while pointing a bit at Wolverine and some other Marvel heroes, which I didn’t really understand the point of, but it was cool.

I also read this book called Wind of the Gods: Blood from the Moon. Which was a really looking into imperial Japan and seemed pretty accurate on how things were back then. Unfortunately it was rather short so I felt like I didn’t get enough story. It’s only the 1st part, but it’s hardcover so you’d expect more story I think then what I got. It was good though, lots of sex and blood and gore in a very classy way.

Finally, though I have read other books, I just can’t get to them all, I’ve read a new Tin Tin! This one was even better then the last one I read. I really enjoyed the adventure, it was Tin Tin and the 7 Crystal Balls. A story about a South American mummy that was putting people to sleep for some mysterious reason which in the end leads to another book which I thought was awesome and I want to get the book. I’ve really gotten into Tin Tin thanks to Brandon Graham, because of his praise, and how his own artwork has turned towards Herge’s.

That’s all from me now guys. Later Gators!


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