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Big Kahuna

I’m going to be using this blog as a resturant comix review thingie so get use to seeing lots of these.

The first resturant I went to was Big Kahuna Resturant and Bar, for the obvious reason. And I had to try their Big Kahuna Burger, again for the obvious reason.  Now the resturant had just opened and they were waiting on their liquor license so they were giving out free beer, which is fine if you like beer and is a good way to get customers. I don’t like beer so I was there for the obvious gimmick and because it was new and I wanted to see what their chops were.

The resturant was decorated in hawaiian theme, with dead plastic fish on the walls, cheap grass skirts everywhere. pretty much what you expect out of a resturant called Big Kahuna that use to be a Bennigans.

Now I was on a date and she wanted the same thing, so I didn’t try anything but the burger, but the burger was rather surprising. It came with about 10 fries and a dill picker spear. But the surprise was under the bun, Sun chips. About the last thing I’d ever expect on a burger. There was also a Big Kahuna sauce but it was hardly noticeable. Unfortunately the burger was drowned in grease which ruined it all. The bun was soggy and falling apart. The grease pooled on my plate. The sun chips added a nice texture and flavor to the burger, but it wasn’t enough.

This resturant has been rather busy, though I wonder if it’s because they’re new or because of the free beer, but unless their food gets better then what I had it won’t last. So they better pick it up. I’ll try them again to see if they’ve improved at all or not. We’ll see.


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